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Frequently Asked Questions

- Replacement Guidelines

What types of slings are offered?

We offer the most popular nylon lifting slings, including flat eye & eye slings, twisted eye & eye slings and endless slings. If you don’t see what you need here, be sure to contact us to inquire about customized options or specialty stock.

Do you offer polyester slings?
Because 90% of our sales are nylon lifting slings, these products are featured in our online catalog. If you need polyester lifting slings for special lifting purposes, please contact us for details.

How often should I replace my lift slings?
Replacement is dependant on a number of variables, including frequency of use, weight lifted and working environment. You should inspect your slings before each use and replace them before they show signs of wear and tear. See our Replacement Guidelines page for details.

Why is different? is the only website that specializes in high-quality industrial lifting slings. Use our Sling Selection System to find the right lift sling for the job. Or, if you know the specs, simply browse our comprehensive catalog to place your order. Our goal is to offer you a quality product quickly, conveniently and at a great price.

How do I know what kind of sling I need?
For some of our customers, the contractor or builder will provide the lift sling specs. Others use our convenient Sling Selection System to find the right web sling for the job.

What are the shipping options?
Our shipping options are as follows:

  • Standard Shipping: Standard shipping is calculated based on your order total (the total dollar value of your order).
  • UPS Red & UPS Blue: Expedited UPS shipping rates are available. Please call us for rates. (866-997-5464).

SLEEVE WEAR Protect slings from wear and tears.

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